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Led Fluorescent Lamp, Led Light Bulbs Do Attract Bugs

Shenzhen WT Lighting Co.,Ltd Updated: Jan 06, 2016

Led fluorescent lamp, led light bulb attracts worms? when led daylight bulb is produce for the first time, one of the most touted features is the UV LED does not light. The reason this is important. Harmful ultraviolet rays and objects to us in our environment.

Museums, for example, carefully preserve fragile artifacts from the Sun's rays and other light sources, UV light. Another important feature of led light bulbs is that they produce less heat than incandescent bulbs. It caused led solar lamp producers speculated.

But are led daylight lamp error free? UV and hot? let us watch it carefully. Ultraviolet light, success, Yes. Next time you're at the hardware store and see a l remote.

They are effective because they are attracted to light spectra can be seen. They attract hot?, but the main attraction is the light. Night-flying insects actually use the moon as a reference point.

In the light of close, make them from the Moon and keep them humming in your porch light. The bottom line is that errors can be seen, attracted by the light in the UV and blue spectral. Kelvin higher light output and cooler, you are more likely to have errors regardless of the type of light bulb.

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