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LED Chip Technology To Improve Energy Efficiency

Shenzhen WT Lighting Co.,Ltd Updated: Jan 06, 2016

LED high Bay cooling system, LED downlight, LED high Bay lights, LED tunnel lights, energy-saving LED lights and a major national energy-saving LED high Bay. LED high Bay and LED energy-saving lamp cooling system directly determines the quality of light and life. In addition to the appearance of the light and compact and elegant premium thermal performance of LED high Bay must also be considered. So taking into account the structure of appearance, as well as excellent thermal performance in housing design. Because LED light energy conversion, but a small part of the energy is converted to heat, the heat needs LED to the atmosphere, to ensure quality and LED lives, Led fluorescent lamp will cause high temperatures accelerate the impact attenuation LED energy-saving lamps's life. It is worth mentioning that, LED chip technology to continuously improve and increase conversion efficiency, converting heat can reduce energy consumption, and members of the radiator will be thinner, because some people will reduce cost, promote beneficial LED, but it's just a technical development, must now focus on the real estate cooling or parameters.

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