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Fluorescent Tube Lighting Effect

Shenzhen WT Lighting Co.,Ltd Updated: Jan 06, 2016

LED high Bay lighting manufacturer, fluorescent lighting effect is good, life is long, adjustable LED lighting now, Japan has no dedicated led fluorescent lighting certification and safety standards, led to a number of other countries of low price and low quality of the popular products on the market, this popularity led fluorescent lighting market in some disorder. So 100 years Japan plans to develop led lighting fluorescent lighting standard led daylight lamp industry conferences, is expected to have a significant impact on international led solar lamp lighting the future certification standards. However, Japan still has some market need to be aware of the standard. Is one of the well-known standard Japan standard. (Japan industrial standards), is a nationally recognized industry standards and voluntary standards of behavior. Certification standards for measurement methods need to check the model number, size, quality, functionality and safety aspects of products.

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