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The advantages of LED light tube

Shenzhen WT Lighting Co.,Ltd Updated: Jan 06, 2016

First of all, LED fluorescent lamps do not use mercury, and lead, the traditional fluorescent lamps contain high levels of mercury vapor, once such a broken mercury vapour lights will evaporate into the atmosphere, thus polluting the environment, LED fluorescent lamps can be a good protection of the environment, is considered one of the green light.

Second, LED fluorescent cold light sources, not like traditional lamps that emit a lot of heat. It can power all basically converts light energy, will result in a waste of energy, is very frugal.

Once again, LED fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps is a very quiet, not like traditional fluorescent lamps produce noise, ideal for quiet environments, places such as libraries, offices. Also can protect the eye, start very fast, no flickering, is good for our health.

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