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Shenzhen WT Lighting Co.,Ltd Updated: Jan 06, 2016

LED light tube due to take solid light of glow way, life main depends on solid LED light and drive thermal part, currently LED light life has reached 100,000 hours above, with LED technology of constantly development and application of large universal, in drive and thermal aspects also basic reached more ideal of State, city sale of quality LED light tube life basic reached 10,000-50,000 hours, almost is fluorescent tube of 10-50 times.

LED fluorescent lamps, energy-saving up to 80%, almost maintenance-free, there are no regular replacement of the lamp, ballast, starter problems, about half down costs can in Exchange for cost savings. Green semiconductor light source, light, soft, spectrally pure, eye protection and health in favour of workers, 6000K on the cold light source giving the Visual feel cool, helps to focus and improve efficiency.

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