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Shenzhen WT Lighting Co.,Ltd Updated: Jan 06, 2016

LED tube lights using light emitting diodes as the light source, high light efficiency, more energy-efficient, longer, and more environmentally friendly. Become the most desirable at this stage instead of fluorescent tubes. LED fluorescent lamp and traditional of fluorescent out type size caliber Shang are as, length has 60cm and 120cm, and 150cm three species, its power respectively for 10W, and 16W and 20W, and 20W traditional fluorescent (inductance ballast) actual power about for 53W,40W traditional fluorescent (inductance ballast) actual power about for 68W;10WLED fluorescent brightness to than traditional 40W fluorescent also to bright, 16W LED fluorescent to than traditional 64W fluorescent also to bright, LED fluorescent lamp brightness is more soft and more make it easy to accept. Service life of 50,000-80,000 hours of power supply for AC85V-260V (AC) without ballast and Starter, start fast, low power, no Flash, no easy fatigue.

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