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How to choose LED light tube

Shenzhen WT Lighting Co.,Ltd Updated: Jan 06, 2016

1, packaging and labels

Compulsory LED lighting manufacturer marked on the package as follows: rated voltage, rated power, rated frequency. In the General case, print high-quality product quality, legible, easy off, wipe with a soft damp cloth, logo clearly visible, manufacturer trademarks and certification marks.

2, see appearance LED lamp

Real LED fluorescent lamp. From the angle of light, and the better and more consistent in shape and size, product consistency and quality assurance are more likely. Of course, appearance does not have cracks, loose between the interfaces. Led lamp must choose engineering plastics flame retardant plastics PC shell. Ordinary plastic deformation and flammable, tubes must be bright, aircraft aluminum.

3, temperature

LED fluorescent lamp in normal operation, the temperature should be low. Otherwise, the LED lights have a short life. Meanwhile, energy-saving lamps lit, flashing fast or very harsh fluctuations, indicate a quality problem in energy-saving lamps. Power on after a few minutes, should have a temperature, proved good heat dissipation, with aluminium heat sinks. No temperature, is the glass plate, heat does not come out.

4, see startup performance

LED fluorescent lamp starting characteristics: power light will not Flash.

5, weighing, weight heavier than light good, descriptive materials well.

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